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Novice Field Trial

Held at Bryn-y-Pys Shoot, Overton on Dee, on Saturday, 24th September 2022

1st     Mr Keith Barnes - Millibuies Goodwill

2nd    Mr G McCarthy - Hilbre Jackson of Thorsrock

3rd     Mr Gary Collier - Hawksgarth Maddison

4th     Mr N Appleton - Abbeyfold Dandilion King of Applebriar

        GUNS CHOICE to Mr Keith Barnes and Millibuies Goodwill.

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Novice Field Trial

Held at Bryn-y-pys Shoot Overton on Dee, on Friday,21st October 2022

1st       Mr Dave jackson - Applebriar Coal

COM    Mr Jason Barnes - Labdom Quinn

No other awards were given.


Held at Checkley Wood Shoot on  Friday, 4th and Saturday 5th September 2022

1st    Mr Paul Dixon - Balbirnie Logo of Thornship

2nd   Mr Steve Richardson - Southerbys Choice of Wedgnock

3rd    Miss Claire Baker - Arcklebear Caribou

4th    Mrs Kim Jinks - Mistybrook Ochre

COM Mr John Cardno - FTCH Eomanni Comanche

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