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Novice Field Trial

                  Held at Bryn-Y-Pys Overton Dee Wrexham LL13 0HG


1st Place  and Guns Choice  Mr.A. B. Cooper

                                                 Labrador (Dog) Montouxs Armande 

No other awards given.



Mr J Yarwood (A3484)

Mrs J White ( B 2823)

Mr G Lewis (NP 3450)

Mr M Brown (NP 3968)


Novice Field Trial

Held at Bryn-y-pys Shoot Overton on Dee, on Saturday, 21st October 2023

Well done to all in the awards and to all those who competed. A big thank you to our judges Mr K Bellamy (2175), Mr N Appleton (3759), Mr G M McCarthy (NP) & Mr P Goulden (NP) and to the guns who all had some cracking shots and to all those who came to help.

Results :

1st  Minstead Wick handled by Judith White

2nd Kayteridge Tusk handled by Gary Collier

3rd  Westerkames Fargo handled by Roz Mcilroy

COM Lioslaith Fly High handled by Mrs Lesley Cooper-Shaw

Guns Choice  Boris of Auchencloch handled by  Lewis Macneil



24 Dog 2 Day Open on Saturday 3rd/ 4th November 2023

at Checkley Wood Shoot

  Judges were Mr K Broomfield (A2214), Mr D R Field (A2257), Mrs V Stanley (B2482)   and Mr W Skett (B2905)

1st FtCh Brockaghs Forba Owner / Handler Mr Jim Collins

2nd Riverview Farm Bozeman Blizzard Owner Stefanie Latham Handler Wendy Glue

3rd Howeparks Starstruck at Scamingvale Owner/ Handler Peter Abbs

4th Brindleybay Mead Owner/ Handler Michael Tallamy

Guns Choice FtCh Brockaghs Forba Owner / Handler Mr Jim Collins

Well done to all in the awards, Thank you to the Judges, Guns and to all who came to help.



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