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The results of our 2023 NOVICE & OPEN SPRING TEST held on 14th May at Starkey Lane, Northop By kind invitation of Mr Lee Murphy.

I would like to start by saying a big thank you to all who came and helped today as without you giving up your time to throw, place or steward we would not be able to run tests and you are very much appreciated.

Thank you to our sponsors CSJ & Gundog Gear for providing fantastic prizes for our winners.

Well done to all winners and to all the competitors and we hope you enjoyed your day (whatever your scores).

Thank you once again to Lee for the use of his fantastic ground and to our Judges who were           Mr John Yarwood A3484, Mrs Nicky Waddington NP,Mr Phil Goulden NP & Mr Gary McCarthy NP.

         1st Val Oakley with Alltfraith Finlay
         2nd Peter Thompson with Hawksgarth Kokomo of Dieselbrook
         3rd Ian Glover with Cornstraw Buzzard
         4th Jackie Owen with Kensteen Tomorrows Dreams of Marianbach
         COM Karl Adderley with Labdom Freya
         1st Lisa Nicholls with Lewiselm Breeze
         2nd Ralph Kleeli with Latushall Ziggy
         3rd Anthony N Appleton with Abbeyfold Dandelion King of Applebriar
         4th Anthony N Appleton with Applebriar Storm
The winner of the Ernie Bradshaw trophy for highest scoring dog on the day
was Val Oakley with Alltfraith Finlay scoring 91 out of 100.
Photos of the day can be viewed via


Results of Clwyd Retriever Clubs Annual Working Test for Puppy & Novice Held on Sunday 25th June 2023 at Gwysaney Hall , Mold By kind invitation of Mr R. Davies-Cooke & Family

The Judges for the day were Victoria Stanley (B2482), Peter Thompson, Paul Edmunds & Kim Dutton .

The club would like to thank you to our sponsors CSJ, Gundog Gear and BASC for providing some fantastic prizes for the winners and those in the awards and for supporting the club.

Also a massive thank you to the all the helpers.


Results as follows 


1st Gareth Lewis with Gwrychbedw Bobi Jack

2nd Mike Holman with Namtresa My African King

3rd Lee Murphy with Diglake Alabama (Zulu)

4th Anthony Appleton with Bryn Hall Benji of Applebriar

COM Dena Long with Minstead Hollis At Baldevs  &  Philip Brown with Rowpainter Katherina

















1st Anthony N Appleton with Threlbriar Hustler of Applebriar

2nd Huw Llyr Roberts with Arrupe Janet

3rd Ian Glover with Cornstraw Buzzard

4th Dave Gallimore with Lurgen Ace of Gallifield

COM Lee Murphy with Diglake Alabama (Zulu) & Paul Brown with Jaycote Glint


Results of our Open Annual working test held Sunday 2nd July 2023 at Hendre Llwyn Y Maen Farm  By kind invitation of Mr Robin Crossley.

Judges for the day were Mr P Smithies (B2367) Mrs Kim Dutton, Mr Chris Kettle & Mrs Thelma Draisey.

Thank you to our sponsors CSJ & Gundog gear for providing all the prizes for the event.

A huge thank you to all the helpers who gave up their time to volunteer to help as without you we would not be able to run any tests and you are greatly appreciated by the club, judges and competitors.

Thank you to all the competitors who took part and well done to those in the awards.


1st & winner of the Mary Roberts trophy was Mark Palmer with Calonbride Diplomat

2nd Paul Brown with Tewellers Freya of Fenway

3rd Paul Edmunds with Kynigos Midnight Magic

4th Roz Mcilroy with Westerkames Fargo

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