Our gun dog training caters for all levels - from beginner to experienced handlers, to promote the development of a happy working partnership for the handler and their dog. Both will be assessed to ensure they are in the appropriate group depending on their current abilities. Remember - you and your dog are each unique and will learn at different rates, so avoid comparing yourself and your dog to others. 

Training requires solid foundations to ensure your dog does not crumble under pressure when exposed to new experiences and environments.

Compared to pet dog obedience classes the training and handling of a gun dog to retrieve in the test / shoot environment requires much more practice, effort and dedication.

Gun dogs must learn steadiness (switching off, remaining calm) whist other dogs are working (essential in a working shoot environment).

Our trainers will teach you and your dog using modern, positive-reinforcement training methods. Gun dog training involves a lot of hard work from the handler and the dog in order to be successful. At the same time your training should be an enjoyable experience developing a happy working partnership with your dog. 

Things to note prior to attending all training - including taster sessions:

  • Only one dog per handler is permitted in class.

  • All dogs must be on a lead except when under a trainer’s instruction.

  • No bitches in season allowed at training classes or events.

  • Handlers under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

  • Always clean up after your dog and take all litter home with you.

  • All handlers must have a lead, a whistle, dog treats, waterproof clothing and boots.

  • There must be no harsh treatment of dogs.


Please contact us  if you would like to come along to Clwyd Retriever Club training for a taster session.

Group 1: Foundation 

Solid foundations are the platform for growth and development. Each handler will be encouraged to identify their goals eg:

  • What is it you wish to achieve

  • What you need to teach you dog and how they will learn

  • How to plan the learning / development of you and your dog.

This training is for all puppies and dogs who are not proficient in the following:

  • Lead work – to heel

  • Sit at heel on whistle and if the handler stops

  • Sit and stay on command

  • Recall with presentation

  • Develop drive for retrieving

Group 2: Novice 

In order to progress to this level all dogs must:

  • Heel on a loose lead without pulling

  • Basic Stop / Sit whistle at heel

  • Recall and sit in front of handler

  • Retrieve gently to hand

Training comprises:

  • Heel work with distraction 

  • Recall with distraction

  • Retrieve gently to hand

  • Basic direction work

Group 3: Intermediate 


  • Heel off lead

  • Mark retrieves

  • Memory retrieves

  • Blind retrieves

  • Stop whistle

  • Direction

  • Holding a 10metre area

  • Overcoming barriers e.g fences

  • Using the wind to your advantage



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